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Lloran Las Rosas || Drag is Therapy

“Drag is therapy” 

If you watch Rupaul’s Drag Race (if you don’t what in the hell is wrong with you), you know that in the last episode they mentioned the Pulse shooting. In that discussion, the power of queer art is mentioned and how art and self expression is a great form of therapy.

You know what?

That is 100 percent true.

Sasha Velour says “Drag is a brilliant place to work through feelings of pain”.  If you guys have been following the Self – Portrait project from the beginning, you know that the project was born out of heartbreak. While that heartbreak is long gone, it still is a great form of therapy. Its an excuse to mold myself into a different character and that in itself is a very powerful feeling. It turned from this project to turn my feelings into something creative to a project that is just fucking fun to do!

Speaking of Sasha Velour. These are actually inspired by her. As soon as I saw the unique way she paints her face, I KNEW I had to try it out. I love love love the way she draws on her brows. Also, she is a bald drag queen, which OF COURSE I applaud.

Lloran las rosas
El rocío ya se ha convertido en lágrimas
Te me has ido
Te he perdido
Lloran las rosas

Makeup used: Sugarpill Cosmetics // Mac Cosmetics // Kryolan

Flower Crown Made by me from the 99 cent store.

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