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Incredible India

It’s crazy to think that I’ve spent a total of six weeks traveling India. It’s also crazy to think that I still haven’t seen the Taj Mahal even though I was there for so long. Obviously one of these days Im going to head back because I need to see that building.

In the process of moving my website and blog, a lot of my old posts were deleted or are not working. I noticed this during my recent trip to Europe. While in Amsterdam, I got to see my good friend Kamael. Kamael was the one who took me to India and Nepal, basically jump starting my career. I owe her a lot. While we were exploring the famous Tulips of Holland, we got to reminiscing about our time in India.

India is rough. It is not an easy country to visit. Its a visceral attack on many senses. Calcutta, for example, seemed like too much to handle. Images of things I saw there are still engrained in my memory. I thought I knew how to handle poverty, but I quickly learned that I didn’t.

But my time there, and the memories I have from the trip, are still some of my favorite of all time. We got to spend most of our weeks in a small village in Orissa. We stayed in hospital rooms that were built by CITTA, getting to know the local families.

Waking up each morning to intense heat. I would take a walk and meet the villagers, but most importantly I would get to meet the children of the village. They loved me. I loved them. I think they were obsessed with my big fancy gear and my goofy nature. We were able to enter their homes, eat food with them, get to know them. One day, in the INTENSE heat I took each and every single villagers portrait for a non-profit.

Then I passed out from the heat. Seriously it was so intense. There is a picture of a girl below that had just passed out. I bent down to take the picture. And then I went down myself. And when it rained. It RAINED. I always say that I know rain due to the monsoons I grew up with in Arizona, but I did not. This was heaven’s fury.

“Elephant stampedes are a big problem sometimes and many villagers die”


When we were there, we kept seeing advertisements that would say “Incredible India”. And it is completely true. It is absolutely incredible. The trip absolutely changed my life. I came back a different person. Some of these families barely had enough food to eat, yet they would welcome us into their homes with smiles and offerings of food. It makes me get goosebumps to this day.

This is what I love doing. Capturing stories like this. I need to start doing it again.

One picture in particular, of a woman’s eyes, has proved to be one of my most popular. And I have finally put it up for purchase over at my {SOCIETY 6 PRINT PAGE}.

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