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Mariana & Cesar // London Engagement Session

Oh London. You beautiful city you.

“This place is just really special to me”

I usually let couples pick the locations they want for the engagement sessions and once they do, that is the line I usually hear on why. I’ve been to London many times but it seems like I had always concentrated on exploring the central area. I had never even heard of Blackheath. Even my friends in London were like “oh thats a bit far”.

its not. its like a cartwheel away.

and it is oh so beautiful. the weather was cooperative (thanks London) and the day was absolutely beautiful. Mariana and Cesar will be getting married in Mexico, but it is London that they did their engagement session in. We had beautiful parks, we had awesome tunnels and we had beer and puppies. What more could you ask for in an engagement session?

Mariana and I went to high school together, but I haven’t seen her since we both left. Which was only last year because we are so young and haven’t aged…., but it was great to catch up with her in London.

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