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Trixie Mattel // Music Video Behind The Scenes

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to be able to take some behind the scenes for [Trixie Mattel’s New Music Video]. Trixie’s new album just dropped, Two Birds, and it is unlike anything anyone has ever heard from a drag queen, Unless you count Dolly Parton (because let’s get real, she is a drag queen). The album is doing amazingly well on itunes, so I suggest you go snag it. The song “I Know You All Over Again” made me feel feelings. I don’t have those. So that was odd.

[Mama Don’t Make Me Put On The Dress Again] is a SUPER fun video. Trixie’s fans are the background extras, and some drove 10+ hours to be in the video. If I remember correctly, I think someone drove from Idaho or something ridiculous. We had Leslie Jordan co-star, and he is one wonderful storyteller in real life (Also it was so hard not to call him Beverly Leslie). 

The director was incredible. Everyone was a real sport and we all had a good time. It shows in the video. It was just a good time.

Some pics for you.

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