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An Adventure To Antelope Canyon

When I think back of my little camping getaway to Antelope Canyon I think of the words epic, BUT not because of the canyons.

My friends Jessica and Mark had recently begun an incredible road trip. One RV, from Arizona to Alaska, with a two year old and a newborn pair of twins.

Good God.

They told me they were going to be stopping in Page, Arizona to check out Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. So I went and joined them. I am from Arizona, but I had never been to either of these places. My dad told me once that I travel all over the world, but you don’t even know your own backyard. And that statement rings so true to me. I don’t. And still don’t. So I’m making it a point to explore more of what is close to me, not 14 hour flights away.

It was an incredible weekend. I loved it. And loved having my dear friends to explore it with. Also, if you ever complain about a hike to me again, please remember that in the picture below you will see Mark and Jessica carrying twins and dealing with a two year old while canyon trekking.

At one point Jessica was breast feeding both twins and still chugging along. its one of my favorite pictures below actually, I call it the SUPERHERO shot.

Anyway, if you are ever in northern Arizona, I highly recommend this as a stop.

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