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Exploring Iceland

I was in New Zealand at the time and was lying in bed after a long day and I was feeling some sort of anxiety.

I have NO IDEA what it could have been about honestly (New Zealand is insanely awesome) but when I’m anxious I look up plane tickets. And I noticed that WOW Air was having a special from Los Angeles to Iceland for like 13 pesos.

Ok it wasn’t that cheap but it was an extraordinary deal. So I texted my bestie Micah, who was living in Ireland at the time, and said I want to go to Iceland.

“I’m down” he said

And bam. In under 30 minutes we both bought tickets to Iceland and hadn’t even prepared for it in the slightest. I wasn’t even done with my current adventure and there I was planning the next.


– We rented our car from a place called SAD CARS. It is a car rental place that rents out really used cars for a cheaper price. When I say used I mean USED. Our car had been through it.

– The blue lagoon is completely touristy and expensive, but in my opinion it is still worth it. I had a blast.

– Food in Iceland is incredibly expensive. Actually everything in Iceland is incredibly expensive. Some of our best meals we cooked ourselves or had in gas stations. No joke.

– Buy your alcohol at the duty free. Trust me. Micah and I had bought bought expensive Iceland vodka, but we ended up getting so sick we hardly touched it.

– Yup, Micah and I got sick. Like SICK. Like at some pharmacy in the middle of nowhere trying to explain our symptoms to someone who had trouble with english.

– get out of Reykjavik. We did the Ice Caves in the south. Including some awesome beaches and glaciers and it was 100 percent the highlight of the trip. The ice cave is one of the top ten coolest things I have ever seen in my life.

– We went in the winter, so daylight was scarce. It was hilarious trying to drive around and catch everything in a couple of hours. We would stop and be like CLICK PRETTY NEXT!!!

– The waterfalls like Gullfoss, Skogafoss and other names I can’t pronounce were incredible.

– The beach at Jökulsárlón was INSANE.

  • At one point it was so cold that it felt like our eyeballs were freezing. No joke.

Honestly there are no words to describe what you see in Iceland. You just have to go. You drive around and then realize why movies that take place in other planets are filmed there. It just seems like another planet. I even made a little video that I am super proud of about it. {CLICK HERE} to go watch it. But if you don’t want to watch videos, enjoy the pictures of our trip below.

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