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Ryan Loves Sagaar // Joshua Tree Wedding

It has been quite the summer.

One full of so many adventures and so many incredible weddings. Of course you wouldn’t know any of this because I have been a bad photographer and haven’t blogged anything in…. a long time.

But if there was one wedding to start it up again with, it would have to be this one. I ended my summer wedding season with a bang.

Ryan and Saagar happened to meet during San Francisco pride. A bump and a spilled drink led to, well, this. I got to know them and their family well during my weekend in Joshua Tree for their wedding. Both have smiles that transcend universes and both are loved so much by their friends and family. I can go on forever about the love these two collected that weekend, but I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.

A mix of cultures coming together. The most incredible scenery. 118 degree heat wave. Nitro cocktails and ice cream. A dinner table for 100+. Fashion to die for. Food that made everyone smile. Grandmas that made everyone cry.

It was a dream. One of those weddings a photographer will remember. Enough words. Just look. You’ll see. There are a lot. I’m not mad. You shouldn’t be either.

Deets //

Event Planner: Danielle at [On The Run Events]
Event Assistant: Audra from [Lovely events]
Location: [Rimrock Ranch]
Henna: Nadia from [Henna Dil Se]
The Good Eats: Two Guys Pies, Mojave Merilee Catering, Jay Bharat Catering, Super Cool Creamery
Videographer: Pierce Larick {Check out his incredible video of the wedding here}

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