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New Zealand // North Island

You know what?

I’m not even going to pretend I will ever edit all the photos from my New Zealand trip. I still have thousands of photos from past trips I haven’t edited and those were years ago (like India and Nepal).

So I have to stop pretending.

I will do it by Island. The first part will be the North Island. I will go ahead and straight up say it. The South Island is vastly superior when it comes to visiting New Zealand (if I lived in NZ it would be a different story). I remember a lot of hot springs and gas pools. Seriously, I feel like every stop we made had smoke coming out of it and smelled like sulfur. Lots of great views and cool cities.

Wellington > Auckland.
Sorry about it.

Anyway.. here is our little road trip from Auckland down to Wellingtown. Before we got on a ferry to go to the south island. That post will come later. And it will have many more pictures. If the pictures look a little different its because I used some awesome presets I’m testing out by the one and only Jonas Peterson.

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