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Hey. its me

Hey Its me.

Yeah I know. Its been a while

I don’t even know where to start. I’ve had an emotional year that kinda crept up on me. And I really haven’t planned on being gone so long? But life happens!

I feel like I have been writing this blog post for months now. then I abandon it and come back to it weeks later. I used to love writing on the blog. But then it seems like it felt too much like I was being forced to do it to keep up with other photographers. Then I ended up hating it.

Actually that is how my career started. I posted on my blog, and it was one photo that got the attention of a lot of big publications. And it sort of took off from there. I need to rediscover my love for it.

One of my favorite aspects of finishing a shoot was the anticipation of writing about it and showing it off to anyone who would read about it. I don’t care if it was 100 people or 1. I just wrote and presented it and was happy at the fact that it was out there.


I’ve felt pretty uninspired for a while there.
I was taking on jobs that had my bank account feeling good
but me feeling pretty unhappy.
Then I went through a pretty emotional break-up.
So I took a step back to try to focus on what made me happy
to take pictures

But there is my drag too.
Thank god for drag.
Like they say. Drag is THERAPY.

Its been really nice to have something to focus on and put my energy into, especially after that recent breakup. It feels really great to feel inspired again.

Yeah. It sucked for a while. But so does any end to a relationship.

It took a while to kinda get back to me.
But I’m finally starting to feel good again.

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me. I certianly havent forgetten about you guys.

Even if it seemed that way.
I just wanted to catch up and let you know that YES I went through some shit. And yes I was really sad and uninspired and also angry that I was sad and uninspiried.

But you know what?

Fuck all that.

because I am back.

Here some pics for ya. Of what Ive been up to

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