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a night in arcosanti

It’s true.

I don’t even know my own backyard sometimes. I lived in Arizona for 18 years. My family still lives there and I go, at the very least, four times a year.

and i had no idea Arcosanti existed until just a few weeks ago.

My friends had a night reserved there in the sky suite, and like any annoying buddy, i decided to crash the night.

In short, Arcosanti is an experimental town, north of Phoenix, and it explores the concept of arcology (a combination of architecture and ecology.) It has been called a city of the future. I would try to explain it more, but you can just click {HERE} for a great article on it.

it was spectacular. it felt like you could just touch the stars at night.

A little getaway, which incredible friends, is just what the soul needs sometimes.

Sometimes when you are feeling a little lost, uninspired and generally just down. A little trip like this can spark something and revitalize you in ways you can’t explain.

If you are ever in the Phoenix area, i highly recommend a visit to this magical project.

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