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Why Do You Do Drag?

This is the number one question I get when people find out I do drag.

The answer could have it’s own 3 page paper. But in the end….

Drag is therapy.
At least for me.
it’s as simple as that.

Its not my career. It’s a personal hobby. A love I’ve developed.

I could get a lot more complicated. Telling you how the art of transformation is so intensely powerful it can heal. How drag is an art form of the highest caliber (seriously, these queens LOVE the art of drag and unless you love it, don’t do it). Etc. Etc. Etc.

My drag was born out of heartbreak. I was going through a really tough period after a break-up. At the same time I was photographing a lot of the Drag Race queens. It astonished me how they had the ability to transform themselves in such capacity.

So I decided I wanted to do the same. i channeled that sadness into something creative. and boom. gabriel the queen was born. You can {follow my drag queen instagram account if you would like!}

When I sit in front of that mirror and pick up my brush. it is like nothing else exists. I go to a different world. And the amount of insane artists and performers I’ve met through drag. That’s a whole other story.

I don’t perform or anything. And most of my looks aren’t full. Some are. Most aren’t. But that doesn’t make my drag any less valid FYI. All forms are valid. Lock that into your memory.

I love this world. its been so fun. and its not going to stop anytime soon.

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