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Molly and Dan Get Married at The Lafayette Hotel in San Diego in an absolutely beautiful and intimate wedding

My friend Kane was recently in Los Angeles visiting and I had him stop by the studio. We are both huge fans of Anime. Of course I had him bring his Naruto headband. I actually had purchased some new products for my strobes for a Photobooth setup, so it was a perfect time to test […]

Sometimes you win the lottery with couple. and when that happens you make magic. some great moments on my editing screen lately. I can’t wait for these two to get married Facebook Comments

Hey Guys. I just want to let y’all know Winters in Southern California are rough. Eddie. A red speedo. magic. Facebook Comments

Moments. Rachel and Adam, their day was so special. the first moment they saw each other was something unlike anything i’ve seen. usually i am laughing and talking during the first look, with this one….i was just silent, honored to witness it in person. Rachel’s dad was a bassoon player, and when some professional bassoon […]

Playing with paint is my favorite. Facebook Comments

“I am inspired by everything around me. It’s not like I stand out on the moors or any of that romantic crap they throw around. I’m just inspired by being alive and breathing and meeting people and talking to people and doing things and absorbing what’s happening. I think if more people did that, there […]

I started filling up my arms a few years ago. Most of the time I send quotes I’ve always loved and admired and he does a BRILLIANT job at interpreting them in his abstract genius. This time I sent him a line from a song. A lyric But not necessarily because of the song. But […]

shooting this wedding was a treat and a day i’d do again at the drop of a hat. Joshua tree is just one of those magic locations. and add two people that were meant to be together? what an unforgettable combo Facebook Comments

I’m bringing paint back Hello Andrew. Dance with these sinful colors What I love about working with paint is that even though you use the same colors on some people, that doesn’t mean they will react to the colors the same. I love that. And every demon wants his pound of flesh But I like […]