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Social Media is a wonderful thing. I’ve met the most incredible people through it.  Mathew is one of those people.  [Art by Mat Chavez] I saw his artwork once on Tumblr and LOVED it. So I started to follow him. He followed me back. Whats funny is that we both started following each other around […]

Art of Art. Its back! I started this project last year and it was such a fantastic project. I got to work and collaborate with other artists, entrepenuers, designers, photographers, etc. There was no way I wasn’t going to do it this year either. First up this year, incredibly talented artist [Drake Labry]. I saw […]

Mark & Ethan // Part 2 As explained in my [previous post] Mark and Ethan are boomtown.  You can make up your own definition for that word btw. Anywho, I was pretty excited for this second part of the shoot. While I certainly enjoy shooting a studio look, I definitely prefer going out and capturing YOU […]

Meet Paul. Paul was one of the first photographers I met when I moved to Los Angeles. I love working with him and helping him on his shoots because we have completely different styles. We have taught each other a lot. He’s taught me how to take on more strobe lighting while I’ve taught him […]

Meet Alex. I feel like Alex has done a little bit of everything (he was a car racer at one point). I met Alex through Social Media, as many of us do these days. I saw a video he had filmed himself and posted and saw how talented he was. So we became fast friends. […]

Meet Zachary Crane I have worked with Zach before. When the idea came up to do this Art for Art Project, Zach was actually one of the first people I thought about. I was a huge fan of his work since he showed me his [website] and . I was incredibly excited when he agreed to […]

ANNA!!!!!!! Let’s break it down why I was so excited to work with Anna. It was actually Anna that came up with this project. She told me the idea while I was at home during the holidays and I LOVED it. While she focuses on working with other photographers, it was her initial idea that led […]

Clinton has been there since the beginning. Back when I was contemplating on whether I should pursue photography or not, I discovered a site known as Flickr. What was cool about Flickr is you were able to join groups and discover all sorts of photography. Stunning photography from insane talent. But there was one project […]

So as many of you loyal readers (Hi Mom and Dad!) have noticed, I have embarked on an amazing new project in 2014. The original idea came from my good friend and fellow photographer [Anna Wu], who is actually going to be featured soon on the project!. She mentioned that she was asking other photographers […]

The art for art project has been really hitting the ground lately. The list of upcoming people to be featured is growing and I can’t wait to see the results. Mike here is an incredible graphic designer. He did the AMAZING design on the photo above. Actually, {CLICK HERE} to check out some of his […]