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Sometimes you win the lottery with couple. and when that happens you make magic. some great moments on my editing screen lately. I can’t wait for these two to get married

It’s funny how I find time to blog when I absolutely have no time at all. Gena & Billy. Don’t even try to convince me that their smiles don’t transcend universes. It was a perfect PNW day. A drizzle here and there, but nothing that can beat that perfect diffused light from the clouds. And […]

Sometimes you don’t have words. Christine and Zach got that perfect fall light. im so into the fall light and couples who ooze love So this time, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. Because you can’t describe the happiness they radiate in these.

Oh London. You beautiful city you. “This place is just really special to me” I usually let couples pick the locations they want for the engagement sessions and once they do, that is the line I usually hear on why. I’ve been to London many times but it seems like I had always concentrated on […]

You know those sessions? Those incredible engagement sessions? Those sessions where you go to the location and take pictures and yell “SHUT THE FUCK UP” after each shot? This was one of those sessions. Like a perfectly baked cake with the right amount of icing. This session was just delicious. Wow…Obviously I’m incredibly hungry while […]

I am behind. Like Super Duper behind on blogging. But that is Ok. Why? I am behind because of so much travel and so many shoots! And that is a wonderful thing?  Another wonderful thing? Going to my favorite city in the world and shooting some love.  Give me someone that tells me Seattle isn’t […]

I don’t know where to start. How does one write a blog post for their little sister.  I guess I can start by saying that they did this as a favor to me. Cynthia and Keith already have an incredible photographer to capture their special day (I will be part of the wedding), so they […]

The first time I met Aimee, she invited me to come into her sorority to eat Waffles during our undergrad years. The first time I met Mike he bought me tacos. Waffles and Tacos are like two of my favorite things in the entire world.  Basically these two are magic.  I’ve known Aimee for a […]

Sometimes it astounds me how things work out.  Becky sent me an email saying that she had asked on her Facebook if anyone knew any wedding photographers. We had ONE friend in common, and she recommended me. A meet-up in Los Angeles and some laughs later, bam we were besties.  Becky and Bennet met while […]

That Seattle diffused light. Please give that to me every day please.  If I could do every engagement shoot in Seattle. I would If I could photograph friends in love all the time. I would. Leo and Jess are just the best. I’ve known Leo since my college days in Seattle (my liver hurt just typing […]