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its been a busy month trying to catch up on shoots traveling starting again here are some awesome faces Ive captured recently If you would like to book a session with me feel free to {CONTACT ME}

Last April (Yes, last April I know I am behind I am trying to catch up fight me).. My friend Josh came to visit all the way from New Zealand! One of the highlights of the trip is that we were able to take a quick escape to Joshua Tree. Later in the year I […]

Ok. I promised myself that I would blog more this year. And this time, I hired an assassin to come threaten me if I did. Blogging is how I got known you know? I have no idea why I slowed down so so much.  So its time to play the catch up game. Let’s go […]

Spending a good amount of time in other cultures, observing, seeing ways of life. These things, have impacted my vision of life more than anything else. Tokyo is an unbelievable city. Never have I been in a city so big and so quiet at the same time.  Tokyo is a city of infinite entertainment and […]

It was just one of those magical days.  It was legit one of the best days I’ve ever had whilst traveling abroad.  From Bondi Beach, Rose on a terrace, great food, awesome swimming, more rose, and even more rose, drinks at the Opera Bar, and just the most intense laughing and smiles.  To this day […]

I’ve been really lucky to have traveled to so many places. I am a portrait photographer, so sometimes I feel like I can’t capture these places I go to. As in, I just don’t ever think I can capture a place like I can capture a person.  The Sunshine Coast felt like one of these […]

A train and a RANDOM bus ride adventure…. Christine and I found ourselves in Sevilla. One of the most beautiful cities I think exist.  Super cramped roads. Hole in the wall bars. Random Flamenco discoveries in the dark. Amazing food. The most beautiful buildings. Sevilla quickly became one of our favorite stops.  We had an […]

I’ve been gone.  When I travel to a new country. I tend to want to stay forever.  This has never been truer than Australia.  I’ve been here the last four weeks. And it has been beyond incredible.  Of course lots of trip updates to come (in time. I still haven’t even blogged Spain) But…. here […]

So Christine has always been my fine dining guru. The girl knows her food. So on our trip to Spain she took me to one of the most amazing restaurant experiences I’ve ever had. Christine did her research and knew that we had to go to this restaurant.  I’ve never been to a Michelin rated […]

Usually I do one big blog post for the entire trip. But that isn’t possible this time. We saw so much and did so much in those two weeks in Spain that I have to do it by city. So let’s start with the first and last city on my trip.  MADRID  Most of the […]