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I’ll be honest.  It has taken me almost six months to get to these pictures. While the trip itself was incredible and wonderful, it was hard to go back and see them, since my relationship ended soon after. Really hard.  But, I need to remember that it was such a great trip. It took me […]

“I believe there’s a storm in everyone, But no one is quite the same We all deal with different matters But I think the basis of our storm, What fuels it Is the need to take more out of life than what we’ve received. Our storms shows what we lack in this world, And the […]

Here it is, the second part of one of the most epic weddings I have photographed. In case you missed it, Lindah and Adam spent the first weekend in Malaysia celebrating traditional Malaysian wedding customs. [CLICK HERE] to go check it out. Because so many friends and family were traveling so far to see Lindah […]

I don’t even know where to start with this wedding. I guess I should start with how incredibly lucky I am. The fact that I was able to go to Malaysia to photograph one of the most epic weddings of all time blows my mind. Also, I want to say how lucky I am that […]

When I went to Nepal, my life was changed. I could list hundreds of reasons on why it did, but in the end it is truly because of one thing… The people. Out of all my world travels, the people of Nepal are some of the ones I hold dearest to my heart. There’s very […]

2015 has been busy. {Colin & Rae // San Francisco Wedding} has been featured over on The Knot! I shot this wedding last year and its still one of my favorites! I am glad its getting some publications! Danyra and Brad’s wedding has been ON FIRE. The have been featured over on [POP SUGAR] and on [THE […]

I told myself that I would 100 percent blog more this year. Even when I am super busy and traveling. Well here I am, having gone three weeks without a blog post. Whoops. I would super apologize to loyal readers, but its been such a fantastic couple of weeks that I am not really going […]

After traveling to more countries than the average person, I can tell you that nothing and I mean NOTHING beats going back home to visit family and friends. It’s funny, for 18 years I couldn’t wait to get out of my little hometown, but I just can’t but feel happy when I know I get […]

Palm Springs has always been a nice retreat for me. I don’t know what it is about it, but I love it. Yet, I have never taken the time to explore Joshua Tree since I’ve been in Los Angeles. Michael and I planned a trip to celebrate our one year together. So we decided to […]

Not too long ago [I photographed a stunning wedding in Tulum]. It was the best way to end my wedding season to be honest. Of course, while I was down in Tulum I did some wandering and sight-seeing when I wasn’t working. And it was absolutely gorgeous. Tulum has been slowly becoming one of the […]