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Molly and Dan Get Married at The Lafayette Hotel in San Diego in an absolutely beautiful and intimate wedding

Moments. Rachel and Adam, their day was so special. the first moment they saw each other was something unlike anything i’ve seen. usually i am laughing and talking during the first look, with this one….i was just silent, honored to witness it in person. Rachel’s dad was a bassoon player, and when some professional bassoon […]

This wedding was so absolutely special It is one of those weddings where I felt honored to be the photographer. I have no words on how magical it was. And how special it was to capture. these two have a quiet calm between them, you can feel the connection and as if they knew what […]

It’s funny how I find time to blog when I absolutely have no time at all. Gena & Billy. Don’t even try to convince me that their smiles don’t transcend universes. It was a perfect PNW day. A drizzle here and there, but nothing that can beat that perfect diffused light from the clouds. And […]

Sometimes you don’t have words. Christine and Zach got that perfect fall light. im so into the fall light and couples who ooze love So this time, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. Because you can’t describe the happiness they radiate in these.

It has been quite the summer. One full of so many adventures and so many incredible weddings. Of course you wouldn’t know any of this because I have been a bad photographer and haven’t blogged anything in…. a long time. But if there was one wedding to start it up again with, it would have […]

“I’ve been a fan for a long time and I would love it if you could photograph my small wedding”. Show me a wedding photographer that doesn’t like messages like that, and I will personally smack them. In a little park and corner of Pasadena, Jonathan and Julian proclaimed their love in front of their […]

Oh London. You beautiful city you. “This place is just really special to me” I usually let couples pick the locations they want for the engagement sessions and once they do, that is the line I usually hear on why. I’ve been to London many times but it seems like I had always concentrated on […]

You know those sessions? Those incredible engagement sessions? Those sessions where you go to the location and take pictures and yell “SHUT THE FUCK UP” after each shot? This was one of those sessions. Like a perfectly baked cake with the right amount of icing. This session was just delicious. Wow…Obviously I’m incredibly hungry while […]

I love the connections you make in Los Angeles sometimes. A few years ago Paula and I were both assistants at a shoot (she does incredible hair styling), we met, we laughed, we hugged, we became friends. Now we run our own shoots and are bad ass and awesome (she will agree to this).  Then […]