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Things are about to get personal. But thats ok. A big part of me being a photographer is being able to be personal through my art. and i’ve learned that you guys love it. it makes me human you know? If you’ve been following my self portrait project this year. You’ve probably noticed a similar […]

Lyrics are a huge part of my self portraits. Around 90% of them are inspired by music and lyrics that hit close to home. I saw these lyrics online the other day and the idea instantly came to my head.  You were red and you liked me because I was blueYou touched me and suddenly […]

This, for sure, had to be one of the hardest self-portraits I have ever done. It took hours and hours for me to get those pearls on my face. If you are interested in watching a behind the scenes video of the action, [CLICK HERE].  Who are you? Who am I to you?I am the […]

I’m vulnerable, I’m vulnerableI am not a robotYou’re lovable, so lovableBut you’re just troubled Guess what? I’m not a robot, a robot Can you teach me how to feel real?Can you turn my power offAnd let the drum beat drop?

OK.  First of all. Fuck glitter. That shit is awful. Sorry for my bad language but its the only language it deserves.  Still. It gives a pretty awesome effect.  About a week ago I shaved for the first time in 12 years. Ok fine, I’m lying. I didn’t SHAVE down to the bare skin. But […]

Here I am There’s nothing left for youThere’s nothing left for me I will never be what you want to see nowI will never be what you want to see nowI never wanted you to goBut I’d be the last to let you know Walk it off now  Last day in Seattle today. Which always […]

So recently I was part of the first issue of [QUEEN MAGAZINE]. It is a ground-breaking magazine focused on the world of drag. It is stunning. The first issue is world class and I am so excited to be part of it. Seriously, go order your copy.  I’ll blog about the editorial in time. You […]

“You run for cover but you can’t escape the second attackYour soul was innocent, he kissed you and he painted it black You should have seen your little face, burning for love,Holdin’ on for your life” –  The Killers

You would be surprised how much music impacts my work  It could be a whole song, or just one line in a song and all of the sudden I am inspired for a shoot. Ideas come to my head and bam, I try to make it happen. Heard this song on So You Think You […]

So if you care to find meLook to the western sky!As someone told me lately:“Everyone deserves the chance to fly!”  And if I’m flying soloAt least I’m flying freeTo those who’d ground meTake a message back from me  Tell them how I amDefying gravityI’m flying highDefying gravityAnd soon I’ll match them in renown!  You can […]